About Us

About Us

Our Story : About Sunny Appliance Ltd !

Are Regular Service Call Fee is $49.95.

If you choose not to have us repair your appliance, you only pay the trip and diagnostic fee Which Is $49.95 , if you choose to have us go ahead with the quoted repair, then the $49.95 trip and diagnostic fee is apply towards Parts & Labor and you pay the quoted cost for the completed repair. We stand by our repairs, with a full 3 Months parts and labor warranty!

Foremost Appliance Repair has one of the best repair warranties in the business. Most manufactures only give a 30 to 60 day warranty on the replacement part on a repair and most repair companies only give a 30 to 60 day labor warranty as well. We Always Give 90 Days Warranty On Replacement Parts & Labor .In Case of Call Back we Never Charge For 2nd Trip Charge & Repair unless is Different Problem Or Different Appliance.

Foremost Repair company locally owned and operated, Technicians are professionally dressed and well trained, are their vans clearly marked with the company name and are they well stocked, They protect your property and respect your home by wearing shoe covers, Use tool mats and floor protection . Foremost Appliance Repair protect our customers . Call us today and see for yourself what a difference these qualities can make great value.

Sunny Appliance Ltd was founded with a simple goal: provide convenient, high-quality appliance and HVAC repair services to the Virginia, Maryland and DC Metro area at an affordable price.